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"If you're a writer who needs an accountability group that will pray for you and provide wonderful feedback for your work, then I invite you to join us. Donna and the gang have kept me focused on my novel, and will do the same for you!"
Terry Horsley

 "I just came across one of my FB posts from 10 years ago about meeting with MAC.  How can it be that I’ve gone to MAC for 10 years?  Thank you for being so faithful in supporting and encouraging all authors that come across your path." - Dr. Bonnie Newell, One at a Time: The Life of Roma Lee Courvisier

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Meetings Continue


Hi, Writers

Just an update.  

I understand your concerns about safety and do my best to address them. We are meeting at Healing Word Assembly of God, 5303 Dixie Highway, Middletown, Ohio, in a room where we can sit six feet apart if you wish. We are very considerate when interacting. 

I do hope you'll feel comfortable to attend. 

God bless you and keep writing! - Donna 

(Posts with more detailed info about meetings below.)

Monday, January 16, 2017

What's New this Month?

We meet the SECOND Tuesday of each month from 7 - 8:30 pm. Invite someone to come with you.

 Please scroll down to see how we conduct the meetings.

Our voluntary dues are $30/year. If you feel you cannot pay dues for a year at a time and want to pay per meeting, I set an offering plate on the front table with a suggested donation of $5, but please don't let that stop you from coming if you can't give.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What happens when MAC Writers meet?

Every meeting, we get to share good news - even if it's that we've started writing. Or finished another chapter. Or submitted a piece. We celebrate every step. Occasionally, I invite a speaker. Our speakers encourage and educate us. I make an announcement in advance if we are having a speaker.  We learn from each other in a safe, loving atmosphere.

Our suggested dues are $30/year or $5/meeting.

Presenting is voluntary, not mandatory, for participation in this writers’ group. Writers offer up to three pages (no more) of double-spaced copy, 12 point font, for constructive criticism after reading their work aloud to their small group. If you'd like someone else to read your work, that is fine, too. If able, bring at least ten copies.

1. Reasonable Expectations. The purpose of a critique session is to offer a positive opinion, a different point of view or a helpful suggestion for the writer.

2. Consistent Goal. The goal of critiquing is to encourage each other to keep writing, keep trying, and/or to possibly attempt something new and different.

3. Nothing Personal. Constructive criticism should never focus on the individual writer, but give inspiration for their work.

4. More to Learn. Every writer and every person who critiques has permission to be imperfect, as an individual work in progress.

5. Tact and Sensitivity. Comments from your critique group will be gentle, but honest; never harsh or personal.

6. Written Words. After reading your three pages of copy, group members will write their constructive criticisms and return them to you for your edification.

7. Friendly Listeners. An oral reading to a group may be a high-risk venture for the writer, but you can be assured that you are always among friends, and you may have someone else in the group read for you.

8. Receiving Criticism. Generally, writers should not defend or respond with explanations about their presentations from critique group members. However, it may be appropriate to answer a few direct questions from the group.

9. After the critique: Unless you have a special working relationship with other members or have made arrangements in advance, please do not send out items for group members to critique and/or edit between meetings. We have editors who attend the meetings who charge for their services and would be glad to talk to you about editing.

10. All levels: We have writers in all stages of the craft from those who have never written to those who are multi-published, and we all learn from each other. The learning never stops - even for a best-selling author. 

Map to church: Healing Word A/G

Why don't you make it a goal to bring something for critique to our next meeting? I'd love to meet you. - Donna